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Project Description

This Software is designed and developed with one goal: to make Real Estate easier to manage the complex workflow associated with managing multiple real estate sales in a constantly evolving regulatory environment.

Our package of software for real estate tools is designed to allow you to increase your property load, while maintaining a manageable work flow.

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  • To properly market our business and our listings in today’s world, the real estate professional needs to manage their contacts, prospects and customers efficiently.
  • In our business, this means specialty information fields that track what’s important to us and our customers. We need to be able to easily get new contacts into the system, using automated online forms in many cases.
  • Along with creating direct mail campaigns, we need to be able to send mass emails, and track their results. Most of all, we need as many of these tasks as possible to be accessed from one computer display screen.
  • Their full potential, old fashioned property tracking methods like juggling paper folders and hard copy spreadsheets begin to seem like a bad dream of inefficiency, squandered profits, and needless stress.


  • Provide Integration: Most real estate businesses work on various platforms and the software provides effective integration with all of them. There are different areas to work upon which may include leads, contacts, social media campaigning etc.
  • Manage Contacts: Managing the contact information of all the clients is another benefit of using Real Estate Software. The groups can be created for direct access.
  • Employee Management: The workforce of any real estate business needs to be well managed and this becomes very handful with the help of the software.
  • Reports and analysis: An effective software allows the generation of reports. These reports can be in form of daily, monthly or yearly format
  • Managing payments: The use of software enables the business to achieve, maintain and run payment schedules. Any information related to the properties can be maintained and mapped. The information regarding renewal of the lease, lease termination and related paperwork can be well maintained