Hospital Management System And Software

Project Description

Hospital Management Software, developed by Appstar, is a comprehensive and integrated hospital management tool to manage all hospital operations. Coming with several features, it helps manage patient registration, outpatient and inpatient management, medical billing, doctor appointment, update availability of doctors, HR/Payroll and much more. The software ensures smooth functioning of hospitaloperations. At Appstar, we offer our well-designed and fully-featured hospitalmanagement software to Gurgaon-based hospitals. Whether you are a doctor or a manager in a healthcare centre, you can contact us for more details about the software. We are happy to serve you. Don’t hesitate to contact us. Our service is available anywhere across the country.

Hospital Management System

Our hospital management system is a web based system that manages the functioning of hospitals or any medical set up. It helps make the operations paperless. Integrating all the information like doctor appointment/availability/specialization, patients’ records, staff shift allocation, etc. into one software, it ensures efficient management and communication within your operation. The hospital management software enhances the performance and revenue of your healthcare business. The system helps you handle records of several visiting doctors, manage ongoing treatment process, maintain records of numerous patients in no time, manage in-patient details, keep various tests and reports single handily, provide a patient’s complete progress report, manage the whole track of the stock of medicines, take back-up of Patient data and send SMS or emails. We are a full-fledged software development company, so offer the best-in-classhealthcare andhospital management system.

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