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About ERP(Enterprise Resource Planning) Management Software

Enterprise resource planning management Software is an integral part of business process management. It is a combination of software and systems, used by a number of companies to organize day-to-day business operations such as accounting, procurement, and management of the business.The software comes equipped with a number of exciting features that make it an apt choice for every business organization.

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Listed below are some of the key features of ERP management software:

Financial Management:

The system helps organization keep all accounting tractions properly in pace without any trouble. And with the same, the component for financial reporting and Accounting management becomes easy.

Remote access to database:

The software provides access to its database and process. Moreover, it enables gadgets such as mobile, PCs, and tablets connect easily.


The CRM enables you to provide customer service rapidly and increase per capita of the company. It helps you analyze customers all data from social profiles to contact number and in turn makes sales efficient.

SCM (Supply Chain Management):

This feature allows you to monitor demand, supply, manufacturing status, logistics, and distribution in record time.

Reduces cost:

ERP consist of various tools and apps that work optimally together redounds to lower costs and improve efficiency. Acquiring an ERP suite may require a well thought budgetary outlay. But if you see it in the long run, your overall cost savings will outweigh your investment.

HCM (Human Capital Management):

It helps in scheduling, attendance and time, performance support, competency management, recruitment, employee performance. What's more about the ERP software is that it helps report, analyze and provide customized insight into standard HR processes.

Whether you’re a large or small business, you can reap several benefits of using ERP management software. We, at AppStar, design and develop customizable applications that allow you to integrate and manage your most important processes. Our ERP software is a suite of tools that are available at cost for all your business needs.

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